Buy nice sheets, Rice your Linux

Invest in good sheets because you spend a third of your life in bed. Sage advice, and yet I bet if you’re reading this you also spend a third of your life on your laptop and yet you’re using default MacOS.

It’s not so bad though. Sure the window animations are slow. Fullscreen is jank when using workspace. You downloaded a tiling window manager from the App store, but you still find yourself floating windows all the time. You have a second monitor just to get more screen real estate to manage it all. It’s fine. You’ll live. Apple wanted it to be this way. And you’ll accept it. You don’t have to though.

I recently went down the path of intalling Ashai Linux on my M1 MacBook Air. I did it on a whim one weekend because I was bored. I hadn’t played with Linux as a desktop environment since I was 16 years old. Turns out I picked up a lot about Linux since then being a developer. Enough that I was able to get through a minimal Arch install and setup my own window manager.

Was this practical? no. Should you do it? absolutely.

You won’t have all your nice little widgets at first. But that’s fine, because you can build your own. You are a software engineer after all.

Maybe you really liked how Apple managed screenshots. Well there’s dmenu, wl-copy, grim, slurp, and notify-send. Throw together a script and you have screengrabber tool. Or just install one someone else put together.

You’ll learn a ton doing it, and you’ll be able to customize it exactly to how you like it. You spend your life on your machine. Don’t feebly stand by and accept the decisions someone else made for you. It’s your life, It’s your machine, make it your own.