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How to Algorithm

September 29, 2020☕️5 min read

Machine Learning is the buzzword of every new startup, most of them are lying to you. Some aren't. So what is the nature of companies that win with data

Using Tailwind.css with Next.js

July 20, 2020☕️1 min read

Bootstrap a next.js tailwind.css project the easy way


July 1, 2020☕️2 min read

Sometimes you just want to run multiple blocking bash commands at once and have them all exit on ctrl-c. That's why I wrote bash-compose.

Tailwind.css, the way to go

June 30, 2020☕️5 min read

I've been building websites for a long time. Tailwind and Next.js is by far the nicest setup i've had in a long time.

Notion powered Next.js blog on Vercel

June 25, 2020☕️4 min read

I recently recently just rebuilt my blog using Notion as the headless CMS powered with next.js

Well that was unexpected

June 18, 2020☕️7 min read

When the internet hugs you, it can be hard to breath. The story of how Bill Clinton Swag went from nothing to a viral sensation. How I kept things up and running

Leverage the selfish

November 10, 2019☕️1 min read

If there's one thing you can take to the bank it's that people are selfish. Leverage that to build great software.

Distributed tracing, from zero to one

April 26, 2019☕️3 min read

You don't need a company wide strategic initiative.