Get a Tutor

A few months back I stumbled on an incredible piece of research, it’s called Benjamin Bloom’s two sigma problem of education. On it’s surface it’s kind of intuitive, students that receive private tutoring do better than those who learn in a class room environment. What’s fascinating is not the direction, but the degree to which this is true. Tutored students perform two standard deviations better than their peers.

…about 90% of the tutored students … attained the level of summative achievement reached by only the highest 20%” of the control class.

What’s most fascinating to me is that this research was posed as a problem. You see you can’t possibly give individual tutoring to every student. This will create a huge disparity between those who can and cannot attain access and therefore get results. Yes, likely true, but societal problems are the domain of politicians and governments. That’s not you. As an individual, armed with this fact, why are you continuing to struggle along with the masses. Why isn’t this your first priority.

It’s okay if it doesn’t scale. That’s not your problem. Go better yourself.